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Wish your hair could grow 6 inches overnight? Extensions could be your answer! Extensions are a versatile and personalized method to get you the length and density of hair you've dreamed of.
Our salon is happy to offer several different methods to best meet your needs. Read on to learn more about the methods and brands we offer at Envogue Salon. If you are interested in pursuing extensions to get that look you've always wanted, book a consultation!

Extension Guidelines

Consultations are Required

A consultation is required for any client new extension client or any current client want to change their type of extension service.

Extensions are tailored specifically to your desired method, length, density, any color. For this reason, pricing can vary greatly and can only be quoted after a proper consultation. During you consultation, your stylist can examine your hair, talk about your hair goals, color match you, and come up with a plan to achieve your dream hair!  

We recommend calling us at (720) 613-2264 to book your appointment or booking online and leaving detailed notes about your interested method(s) and goals


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